When to Replace Bike Tires: Signs You Should Watch Out For

Are you thinking of when to replace bike tires? We got you covered. In the rest of this post, we will tackle some of the obvious signs that new tires will be warranted. While this could mean an added cost on your end, this is one thing that should not be ignored. Having new tires should not be seen as an unnecessary cost. If you do not replace it the soonest, the problems can be worse in the future, which can be costlier and can even compromise your safety.

Why You Should Replace Bike Tires

Before we discuss when to replace bike tires, it is important to be first aware of why there is a need to do so. For a lot of people, they fail to have a replacement for their tires because they are simply unaware of why it is important to do so.

  • Your Safety Can Be Compromised: This is one of the reasons why replacing your tires is a must. For sure, safety is one of the most important considerations for bikers. If your tires are worn out, your bike can end up being wobbly. At the end of the day, this can make you unsafe, especially if you are riding in rough surfaces.
  • Comfort will Suffer: If you are riding a bike and if you feel uncomfortable compared to before, this can be because your tires are showing obvious indications of wear and tear. The tires can be deflated or there can be holes in it. This means that you will feel more vibration. Excellent tires will be able to effectively absorb shock, which would also mean that it will be effective in lessening the vibration that you are feeling.
  • Improve the Looks of your Bike: If style is one thing that you would like to emphasize in your bike, replacing the tires is one thing that you should do. Overtime it can show signs of physical depreciation and can negatively impact aesthetics. If you want to make it look stylish, find new tires and you will instantly be able to give your bike a new look.
  • Optimize Performance: If you feel like your bike is being slower than normal and if it is requiring more effort on your end when riding, one of the reasons is because of the tires. With this, you will have another good reason to have it replaced.

When to Replace Bike Tires

The following are some of the most common indications that your tires are too old and a replacement will be needed:

  • When it is Too Old: Even if you are not using your bike, it can be prone to attrition, and hence, it can be damaged. The rubber that is used in the bike can harden and can crack, even if it is just kept in the storage room. This is a condition known as dry rotting. It may appear to be just fine from the outside, but once you take it out for a ride, you will notice that it is already damaged.
  • When Physical Signs Make it Obvious: This is somehow related to what we have described above. You should check your tires every now and then and watch out for things that will be indicative of the need for a replacement. For instance, if the casing is already starting to show, this means that the rubber is now too thin. The appearance of bubbles and bulges on the outside will also be reflective of the need for new tires.
  • When Ride Quality is being Compromised: In some instances, it is not just all about the physical signs. There are some instances wherein you cannot see the visible signs of damage, but you can feel it during your ride. For instance, if it becomes too slow or unstable, this can be because of having problematic tires, and hence, you will need to have them replaced.
  • When it is Always Flat: It can be a frustrating situation when you often air out your tires, but at the end of the day, it still becomes flat easily. This is because air is not sustained for a long time inside the tires. This can be attributed to the presence of punctures, among other problems that will also show the need to have new tires. Watch out the pressure and if it is easily lost, do not think twice. You need to replace your tires.

Once you notice any of the signs that have been mentioned above, make sure to replace your tires the soonest time possible. Waiting for a longer time will have an impact on your ride quality and your comfort. Find tires with high-quality, even if it is going to command a higher price. By investing in a premium tire, you can be confident that it will last longer.

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