What Size Bike for a 5-year Old and Other Buying Tips

Looking for a bike may seem to be a straightforward task, but in reality, it can be challenging. With too many options, each brand claiming to be the best, you will not be able to find one easily. It is important to be responsible. With this, if you are buying a bike for a 5-year old kid, we will help you make the right choice. If you are wondering about what size bike for a 5-year old and curious about other things that should be taken into account, keep on reading. Our intention is to make it easier for you to make a well-informed choice.

What Size Bike for a 5-year Old

Generally speaking, you will have to take a look at the size of the wheel or its specific diameter. In this case, the perfect choice for the size of wheel is 16 inches. This is especially the case if the height of the child is anywhere from 40 to 46 inches or 102 to 117 centimeters. More than the size, however, it is also important to take other factors into consideration, such as those that will be vital for the safety of children. This will be discussed more later on.

Pay Attention to Comfort

Aside from asking what size of bike for a 5-year old, you should also consider the features that will be indicative of the comfort of the rider. In this case, one of the most important is to have padded and well-cushioned seat. It should be also wide enough to be able to provide the support that they need. Otherwise, kids will most probably complain of discomfort when they are riding the bike, especially when doing so for an extended period of time.

Emphasize Safety

Choosing the right size of a bike for a 5-year old kid is important for a number of reasons, such as for comfort. More than such, however, it will also be indicative of safety. If it is too small or too big for their age and height, there could be risks that will be apparent and will have a negative impact on safety. It is important to find a kid’s bike that does not run short in terms of safety features. Having training wheels is essential if they are just starting to learn how to bike. The brakes should also be working properly. It is also important to read reviews from other parents or ask around from other buyers in order to differentiate the possibilities based on how safe they can be for the little ones. Lastly, you should always provide supervision when they are using the bike, making it possible to have them guided and to respond immediately once your assistance is warranted.

Style Kids Will Love

As you try to evaluate the choices that are available for bikes for a 5-year old kid, you should also consider the design of the bike. The way it looks will do a lot in order to make the user happy. Kids generally prefer bikes that are colorful. The choice of color, however, will depend on whether it is for a girl or boy. It will also be good if there is a basket in front of the bike, providing them with the space that they need for their stuff. If possible, involve the kids in shopping so that they can pick the style that they want.

Try It On

At the end of the day, the most important is perhaps for the kids to be able to physically try the bike before it is purchased. In this way, you can have the assurance that it is the perfect fit, and more importantly, they will be safe and comfortable with the bike that they will be using.

If you are buying online, there is no chance to physically ride the bike prior to buying it. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the policies of the seller for return. Make sure that they will accept the return of the bike if the size is wrong. See to it as well that the specifications from the manufacturer are true to avoid frustration by having a bike with the wrong size once it is shipped.

In sum, shopping for a kid’s bike can indeed be difficult. It is not as easy as picking the cheapest option that you can find on the market or the one that comes with the most appealing design. There are some questions that you should ask, such as how reputable is the manufacturer, what are other people saying, or what bike size for a 5-year old. At all times, it is important to make sure that a decision will only be made after considering all of the relevant factors.

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