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Superweek and Soldier Field (John Whipple)

I decided to do four Superweek races this year. My primary goal for each race was the same: get into a successful breakaway or die trying. Secondary goals included working on team tactics with Alex (in the 1/2/3 masters) and Jesse (in the 3’s), identifying the strongest riders in the masters fields (where I will […]


One Chance Per Year

Those who come out early enough to watch the Masters races at the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series know that most end up looking like group rides in green or blue, with a pack or Verdigris, and then a bit later, Pony Shop riders, off the front together. I don’t fully understand how these guys have […]



Montrose, the final race in the Chicago Cross Cup and my last race of the season. Technical cross courses do not favor my particular skill set (whatever that might be), and this was a technical course. Innumerable sharp turns, four inches of snow, loose sand, mud, and some icy pavement awaited our category three field […]


Leland P/1/2 2011

Chris, Ben, Jesse, and I line up for the combined Pro/1/2 and 3’s races. The race plan is simple (so simple that it probably doesn’t qualify as a race plan): stay at the front of the race for the first lap and improvise from there. With several pro’s and strong cat 1’s in the race […]


Hillsboro Roubaix 2010

John Whipple’s Hillsboro Cat 4 Race Report The first thing I remember about this race is Eric spending around 20 minutes pinning my number on my new TATI skinsuit.  The suit was tight, and difficult to pin, and Eric’s hands were cramping up by the end of the ordeal.  I should also note that (contrary […]