How Many Miles is 200 Km and How To Prepare For Long-Distance Biking

When it comes to biking, many people dare to test their skills, which is done through taking physically-intensive activities that they have not done before. For instance, some may decide to bike a distance of about 200 kilometers. Some might find it insane. Some would instantly be left wondering – how many miles is 200 km? But for the person who will be riding such a distance, there is one important concern – what should I do to be prepared for it? Such distance is not one that novices can cover. It will require training and discipline. With this, keep on reading and we will share with you some insights on what can be best done to be prepared for a long bike ride.

How Many Miles is 200 Km

Before anything else, let us go back to the question that was asked in the title of this post. Technically speaking, 200 kilometers is equal to 124 miles. According to people who have already tried biking at such a lengthy distance, it will take a minimum of eight hours to be biking 200 kilometers at a speed of 25 km/h. Spending such a long time in the saddle and on the road will definitely not be an easy feat. Even those who have been biking for a long time will surely agree that this is not for everyone. You have to be physically fit, and more importantly, you need to have extensive training before you embark in such a journey.

How To Prepare for your Ride

Now, we will go to the more important part of this post. We will have a look at the tips that you should keep in mind. As it has been noted, 200 kilometers is a long distance. It is not a joke and biking at such extent will not be an easy feat. It is going to be challenging and you need to demonstrate preparedness. Here are some of the things that will help you to be prepared.

How To Prepare for your Ride
  • Prepare your bike: The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that your bike will be ready to tackle the rigors of such a distance. You should see to it that your bike is well-maintained and that it will not be a disappointment in the middle of the road. From the crankset to the heels, from the frame to the brakes, have it carefully inspected. You should also never change your bike last minute. It would be best to use a bike that you are already accustomed with.
  • Prepare yourself mentally: It is all about the right mindset. You should already be set on your goal – which is to bike at a distance of 200 kilometers. If you visualize it, it will happen. Think about it all the time, and for sure, you will have the motivation that will be necessary. This will also prepare your mind for whatever will happen during the race.
  • Prepare yourself physically: This is perhaps the most important aspect of the preparations for the big day. It will help if you will schedule a consultation with your doctor and you must be provided with certification of being fit to bike for 200 kilometers. Regular exercise is also necessary, as well as a disciplined diet. You need to watch your weight, making it easier to support your body when biking. Exercise, on the other hand, will help to strengthen the muscles that will propel the bike. If you lack physical preparedness, you will get tired easily, even before you reach the ten-kilometer mark.
  • Know your Route: Another important thing that should be done in your preparations is to be familiar about the route. Is the road going to be paved or will it be rough? Is it in a straight direction or will it be in a windy path? How is the weather going to be? By being familiar about your route, you will be able to prepare yourself and you will be able to tackle the climbs better, regardless of how challenging they can prove to be.
  • Eat Right: This does not only concern eating right while preparing, but also on the day before the ride. The night before, it would be best to devour a plate of pasta and load up on carbs. This will provide you with the energy that you will need to tackle the physical demands of the sport. An energy bar can also be a good snack before the race. Since you will be riding for eight hours, at least, and you will be burning a lot of calories. It is essential to have sweet and savory treats.

By now, we hope that you already have an idea on how long 200 kilometers is. It is going to consume hours on the road, which can be more challenging depending on the weather and terrain condition. The good news is that you can make your ride a lot easier and more comfortable by following the tips that we have mentioned above.

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My “friend” told me yesterday she biked 200 miles because she couldn’t bike up a tiny hill lol fat liar she tends to lie A LOT


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