What is The Average Ring Size For a Woman: Getting her The Perfect Ring

Are you finally going to pop the big question? Before anything else, there is one more important thing that you will obviously need – an engagement ring. This piece of jewelry will most probably eat a big chunk of your monthly pay check as you prepare for the proposal. Because of its importance, you will most probably have a lot of questions at the back of your mind. What is the average ring size for a woman? What is the design that will make a good choice for an engagement ring? What material is the best? Where should I buy one? If you are being bombarded by these questions, keep on reading and we will provide you with more insights.

What is the Average Ring Suze for a Woman

An engagement is one of the most special events for the both of you. Of course, your goal is to surprise her when you ask the question. With this, you will be left guessing with regards to her ring size. If you ask her about it out of nowhere, obviously, she will already have a clue that you are going to propose sooner. With this, more often than not, you have to rely on the estimates. The good news is that most engagement rings can be resized after.

In most instances, a woman’s average ring size is 6. This is the case for those who are 5’6” in height and 140 pounds in weight. If you want to be sure, and if you are lucky enough that she wears a ring, try to sneak in. You can also ask a favor from her family or friends to help you out take her finger’s size without being too obvious.

How Much Should You Spend

This is another common concern for most men. There is an old-age belief that the price of an engagement ring should be three times your monthly salary. However, this is not a general rule of thumb. In today’s strapped economic times, it pays to be more practical. Set a more realistic budget. Before you start shopping, know how much you want to spend, which will help to narrow down the possibilities, making it easier for you to reach a decision.

What Style Should You Choose

This is another tricky part of buying an engagement ring. The best thing that you can do is to have the style based on her personality and preferences. Look at the type of the jewelry that she is wearing. Is she into elegant and over-the-top designs? Or does she prefer simpler styles? Is she outgoing? Is she conservative? Does she like to be the center of attention? By paying attention to these things, you can easily decide on the design to choose. Again, if you are clueless, ask her girlfriends and your journey towards finding the perfect engagement ring can be a lot easier.

What Material Is Best

engagement ring

There are generally two things that should be looked at when considering the material for an engagement ring. The first one would be the stone. The most common choice is diamond, but this will most probably eat up a big chunk of your budget. There are other stones that are equally beautiful, such as jade, ruby, quartz, and emerald. There are a lot of options that are more budget-friendly.

The next material that you might want to consider would be the band. In this case, some of the most popular choices include gold, platinum, and silver. Platinum is known for its durability, but it is most probably going to dull quicker Gold is shinier. However, since it is a soft metal, there is a tendency that it is going to wear off easily. The most popular material is silver, basically because of the elegance look, making the ring stylish. This is one thing that she will surely appreciate.

Where Should You Buy

You should be careful when shopping for engagement rings. Buying online is one thing that you might want to avoid as it will be difficult for you to verify the legitimacy of the seller. It would be best if you can buy from an actual store, especially from an establishment that has made a solid reputation in the market. Ask your guy friends if they have personal recommendations. Make sure that the place is licensed. It will also be good if they have people who are knowledgeable and who can help you make the right decision. Shop around. Do not immediately settle with the first ring you see from the first store you visit. Have the patience to go from one store to another and compare the possibilities, making it more likely that you will end up making a decision that you will not regret in any way.

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